Attack of the Killer Toy Drones, So Says US Army

Watch out, those toy drones might look friendly, but they also might be killers.  That’s what the US Army is warning, citing the increasing use of toy drones on the battlefield against US war planes.

The report, released in part, suggests that even low-level hobby drones can be used as effective weapons against US war planes.

Drone control is coming folks, and it will be as effective as gun control in stopping violent criminals (that was sarcasm, by the way).

From The Register

US Army warns the potential dangers of swarming toy drones on US soldiers

US warplanners are going to have to deal with an increasing drone threat, both from off-the-shelf hardware today to possibly more intelligent dangers.

The increasing power and sophistication of “hobby drones” is making them attractive to insurgents, according to a report drafted by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, for the US Army. In the future swarming technologies for such drones could arrive much sooner for warfare and will pose a dangerous threat to infantry units.

“Hobby drones are easy to buy, their performance is improving dramatically, and their cost has dropped significantly; now with millions of them around the world, they pose a growing threat to the U.S. warfighting forces if used for nefarious intents,” said Albert Sciarretta, chair of the committee, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, and president of CNS Technologies, an independent consultancy company based in Virginia

“The threats could be consumer items like hobby drones, modified consumer items such as could be assembled with online components, and customized ones, like built-from-scratch aircraft.”

The full report is classified, but the committee did publish an unclassified public version which contains scant information on the findings and recommendations.

It did warn, however that the capabilities of these small, toy drones are improving rapidly. They can be used to carry weapons, and utilise computer vision software to pick out targets from long distances, and even disturb enemy radio frequencies.

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