Australia Opens Door to Regulate Big Social

Australia Looks Into Possible Media Disruption Of Facebook And Google

In an attempt to gauge the effects of popular social media sites among Australian media publishers and consumers, the Federal Government taps the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to conduct a thorough review of digital media platforms, particularly two of the most popular sites on the web — Facebook and Google.

The directive of the Federal Government aims to seek whether digital media platforms, such as Facebook and Google, are leading consumers to suffer detrimental losses instead of benefits in the purchase of goods and services.

Positive or Negative?

In the official press statement, the ACCC explained that the agency will strive to retain an open mind during the inquiry where it seeks to fully understand the various effects of digital media platforms in Australia.

“We will examine whether platforms are exercising market power in commercial dealings to the detriment of consumers, media content creators, and advertisers,” said ACCC Chief Rod Sims. In addition, Sims mentioned that the agency will look “closely at longer-term trends and the effect of technological change on competition in media and advertising.”

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