Australian Bill To Give Police Power to Declare Which Citizens Are Too Dangerous, or Dumb, To Have Guns

If you’re not smart enough, if you look and act ‘dangerous,’ even if you haven’t broken any laws, and you live in New South Wales, Australia, you might soon find yourself in jail or, at the very least, have cops show up at your home and confiscate your guns.  What, on earth, am I talking about?  Well, it has to do with new legislation for New South Wales.

In the State of New South Wales, Australia, there is an act working its way through their legislature called the Firearms Amendment Act.  The Act would amend the dreaded Firearms Act of of 1996, as well as the Weapons Prohibition Act of 1998, as well as other laws that, in the words of the legislation itself, would “make further provision in respect of the categorisation of firearms, firearms and weapons amnesties, ammunition controls, licences and permits and administrative arrangements; and for other purposes.”

The key part of this act, which covers a LOT of material, of which is designed to make it harder for individuals to get firearms and, once they get them, to hold on to them.  This last part is what we are going to be focused on here.

Think of the Firearms Amendment Act in New South Wales as a test model for other governing bodies that don’t already have levels of controls on firearms that surpass those already in place in Australia, and, specifically New South Wales.  How will the general public react?  How effective will the law be in empowering the state to confiscate guns, and, when they do go out to collect, how much resistance will they get from the people they are ruling?

In this Act, the police of New South Wales will be granted the power to identify undesirables that shouldn’t have guns.  These undesirables need not have violated any laws, need not have a criminal record, need not even be in the midst of a domestic dispute.  All they have to be are undesirables, potentially dangerous people the police would identify as significant risks to the community.

The law might immediately affect over 3,000 people, a potential that some in the Australian media seem to welcome with great enthusiasm.  If you want to see what a reporter sounds like who welcomes their short leashes, go read this, if you can get through the whole guns for cops but none for you diatribe.

Side note to Australia, your image of being rugged, independent, and self-reliant is done.  You are a nation of domesticated Tasmanian Devils.

The law will create a panel comprised of the chief commissioner, along with 20 or so ‘designated’ senior officers.  This panel will decide who gets to own guns and who doesn’t.  Some of the reasons you can lose the ‘right’ to bear arms in New South Wales, if this legislation passes, include intelligence, associations with other dangerous people and displays of bad behavior.

How does the writer come up with a figure of around 3,000 people that might potentially be jailed as a result of this law?  It’s simple, the police have already been doing the research, ‘gathering intelligence’ to identify this first round of targets.

The police looked at motorcycle gangs, ‘terror’ suspects, Middle Eastern ‘crime’ groups, and, well, any group they suspect might be doing bad things.  To be sure, some of the groups they looked at are probably actually ‘criminal,’ maybe even ‘terrorist’ organizations, but I’m willing to bet many of them are simply just socially unacceptable to the police of New South Wales, who might soon have the power to define “dangerous,” to determine who gets guns and who doesn’t.

Read the full bill here.

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