Goodyear’s New Tires With Have Living Moss Inside

Goodyear has SERIOUSLY gone green with a new tire that is literally green, and that green isn’t paint, it’s moss.

That’s right.  Goodyear recently unveiled tires that will grow living moss inside of them.

There’s a method to the seeming madness, however, and it has to do with generating electricity using the photosynthesis of plants, as well as converting CO2 to oxygen, reducing pollution. […]


EU Threatens Trade War Over Trump Tariffs

The EU has looked down the barrel of the trade war gun pointed at them by the Trump administration and they have not blinked.  Instead, they appear ready to fire back with a round of US-targeted tariffs of their own.  
The trade war that wasn’t going to happen, because experts said it wouldn’t, appears ready to kick off in full force. […]


Google Helps US Military Kill More Efficiently with AI Drones

With the revelation that Google is actively helping the US government develop more lethal AI drones that are used to gather intel the government then uses to kill people, many Google employees are not feeling let down by their mega corporation that has been doing evil stuff for a long time, but it wasn’t quite as obvious as helping the government develop killer drones. […]