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Trump’s New Communications Director Tries to Erase Anti-Gun Tweet History

President Donald Trump is proving over and over again that the differences between Republicans and Democrats is not all that much with the latest major shakeup in his cabinet.  This time, President Trump has jettisoned Sean Spicer and chosen Anthony Scaramucci as the man to replace Spicer as Trump’s White House communications director.  This is a key position that empowers Scaramucci to control the narrative coming out of the White House. […]

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Japanese Stores to Suspend Bitcoin Payments Over Fear of Split

Thusands of Japanese Retail stores will be suspending bitcoin payments after August 1st.  The reasons given have to do with a fear of Bitcoin instability.  Some stores are choosing to switch to a different cryptocoin popular in Japan, monacoin.  One of the main reasons given was fear of a potential split in bitcoin.  

The success of bitcoin is also exposing some of the potential vulnerabilities of bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general, fear *be it real or imagined) of instability.  Until such time as cryptocurrencies can produce a history of stability, this is a problem that will continue to affect the market.  This is not to say that cryptocurrency faces an existential threat from this fear of instability (real or imagined), but rather than other factors must (and, I believe, will) come to play that make the reward worth the risk.  

The gamble from businesses accepting cryptocurrency is that the value of the exchange may so fluctate that it will leave them unable to replacce inventory and meet payroll.  The gamble from customers is that the purchase of a product or service today could mean loss of potential gains in values had they held on to the currency.  I believe the market for cryptocurrency is not going away anytime soon and that methods of producing more predictabilty in the market will arise in unexpected ways, because the market wants cryptocurrnecy, so the market will figure out a way to alleviate the risks on both the buyer and seller’s part. […]

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The Shire Rules No More Kidnapping for Small Weed Possession, the People Rejoice

From the files of “The Longer Leash” comes this story out of New Hampshire.  The local crown there has decided to not directly threaten the subjects with kidnapping if they possess an arbitrarily designated amount of marijuana or hashish.  Instead, they will be indirectly threatened with lethal force in the form of fines, not kidnapping.  From a pragmatic perspective, of course it is a good thing that the state will no longer directly threaten people with kidnapping for possession of a small amount of weed or hash, but still, the state is fining people for choosing to put something in their body that does no direct harm to anyone else. […]

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Homeschooling Reduces State Theft

It turns out that homeschooling might do more than save minds, it might save people money.  Thanks to homeschooling, you might end up paying less taxes this year.  According to a study from the  National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) , homeschooling has saved states millions of dollars.  This is NOT the main argument I would make in defense of homeschooling, but the fact that homeschooling DOES save states money further demonstrates that human beings, if left to their own devices, with layers of bureaucracy removed, can do it better and cheaper than any coercive enterprise system could ever manage to do.
Now, if the state could just stop forcing homeschool families from paying for the funding of the government schools that are raising future opponents to liberty. […]