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Is it “Legal” to Freely Disassociate from your Nazi Employees?

Eugene Volokh of the Washington Post asks the question, can private companies fire employees because they attended a white supremacist rally?  Of course, for the liberty-minded among us, that’s not enough a question.  But the fact that the question needs to be answered at all illustrates the degree to which people are conditioned to automatically assume they need permission to act on a fundamental “right” to free association. […]

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Alaska Man Cleans Up His Town, with No Government Aid or Special Permission Slip

Ryan Butcher, who happens to be a Facebook friend of this writer, Paul Gordon, was featured in the Daily Sheeple for his work in Alaska, demonstrating that you don’t need government to take care of yourself or even your community.  Ryan saw a problem in his community, graffiti, and he went out and did something about it.  Be the liberty you hope to see, even if it means ‘getting dirty.’ […]

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Voluntary Background Check Law Ignored in Virginia

No difference with a new anti-gun state law? This is my shocked face. Apparently, a new Virginia law that expands criminal background checks, voluntarily, for private sales is yielding no results. At the end of the day, unless there is some implied threat of force, most people will choose not to have their transactions documented by government. Who knew? […]