AZ Bill Intended to Stop Online Ticket Scalpers Could Criminalize A.I

A bill intended to ‘protect’ people from online ticket scalpers has been written in such a broad way that, if it passes, would destroy A.I. development in Arizona.  The bill was introduced by Republican State Senator John Kavanagh.

Proposed legislation could thwart Arizona’s artificial intelligence efforts

A bid by a veteran lawmaker to protect Arizonans from ticket scalpers and their high prices could undermine research in the state into artificial intelligence.

And that’s assuming it’s even enforceable.

Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, wants to make it a crime to use any computer or software that conceals its real identity “to simulate or impersonate the action of a human.” Violations would be a felony subjecting the owners or operators to a year in state prison.

What Kavanagh is trying to outlaw are computer “bots” that can log into sites and do things that it would normally take a human to do…….


Ken Colburn, CEO of Data Doctors Computer Services, questioned the need for such a law.

He said there are ways for concert promoters and sports teams to protect against people scarfing up lots of tickets, like having a limit on purchases. Colburn said multiple dial-ins can be thwarted with things like checking the IP address of the computer making the purchase.

But Colburn said his bigger concern is the unintended consequences of such a law.

“That basically eliminates some of the most progressive technology already in use by millions of companies,” he said.

“Half the time when you’re talking to somebody on a web site, those little chat boxes, you’re not talking to a human,” Colburn explained, with the computer on the other end programmed to respond to questions.


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