Baltimore Cops Claim Fake Overtime

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Baltimore Police Department is nothing but a glorified drug gang, with more news emerging that not only do they steal drugs and sell them, they also steal guns and sell them.

And now, they also appear to be stealing even more tax dollars than usual, claiming overtime when they didn’t actually work overtime.

The practice is so widespread that the department is now requiring fingerprint scans to assure cops are not claiming overtime when they didn’t work the overtime.

Yet, they’re still going to send these guys out in the field, armed, with the power to make life or death decisions over people they have been given “authority” to judge.

All Baltimore Cops to Be Fingerprinted After Widespread Overtime Abuse

As a police corruption scandal rocks the city, the Baltimore Police Department will now mandate fingerprint scans for officers clocking in and out of shifts. Last year, the department budgeted $16 million for overtime, yet spent $44.9 million. Testimony during the ongoing corruption trial revealed an informal overtime system wherein officers who brought in large hauls of guns or drugs were rewarded with off-the-books time off.

So far, six former officers have pled guilty to federal racketeering charges, while two former officers, Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor, are fighting them. During the trial for Hersl and Taylor, administrators have admitted to gaming the overtime system. As part of the push to get guns off streets, officers were rewarded with slash days, or “G” days.

“You would hear squads say, ‘Yeah, we got five guns last week, so we got five g days,’ ” a former commander told The Baltimore Sun. “Some districts were well known for it. Some supervisors were well known for it.”

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