Bannon, Gorka Out- Is Trump Settling in to Puppet Role?

Rumor has it that Steve Bannon is out, as is Sebastian Gorka.
If true, this news of a new round of purges in the Trump cabinet could signify a fundamental shift in the Trump Administration.  Steve Bannon is one of the last holdouts of the outsiders Trump originally brought in, but he has long had baggage, real or imagined, associated with Breitbart’s unproven, but oft-repeated, ties to the “Alt-Right.”
I will make a note here that IF this Friday massacre happens as ‘sources’ are reporting, AND you see a relaxing of the intense legal scrutiny on President Trump, what you can deduce is that Donald has gotten the message, and he has accepted that the President is POTUSINO, President of the United States in Name Only, like almost every other President in the history of the coercive enterprise known as the United States of America.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is a marked man, according to news reports and sources inside the West Wing who see the nationalist Trump-whisperer’s political hourglass quickly losing sand.

CBS News reported Monday night that the axe could fall as soon as Friday on the man credited with arranging the president’s marriage to millions of angry white working-class voters last year.

The former Breitbart News executive chairman was once an equal partner in a ruling triumvirate of deputies that included Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner.

But Priebus’s star ran out of fuel last month. And his successor John Kelly is a no-nonsense retired Marine Corps general seen as a walking antidote to the chaos that marked Trump’s first half-year in office.

That prescription could oust a man known more for his Machiavellian streak than for playing well with others.

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