Big Social Appeases Congress, But Will it Be Enough?

It seems Big Social is anxious to prove they’re good state sycophants, attempting to entertain the Russia scare trials being held by the US Congress.  They’ve recently answered a lot more questions put to them by congress in what appears to be a bid to head off Big Social regs at the pass.

Facebook, Google, Twitter open up to Congress about Russian misinformation

Congress on Thursday published responses by Facebook, Twitter and Google to questions about how Russia used their platforms to spread misinformation amidst the 2016 presidential election.

The responses, more than 100 pages in all, answered a range of questions from lawmakers, including the possibility of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, how each firm’s policies applied to the actions of foreign nationals and what type of data each company has collected on Russia’s meddling.

 Although the companies frequently recited terms of service and operating procedures, a number of revelations could be found within the documents sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

A Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency used Facebook’s tools to promote rallies, protests and other events across the U.S. According to Facebook, 13 of the pages created by the Internet Research Agency attempted to organize 129 events. Some 338,300 unique Facebook accounts viewed the events, the company said. Facebook said about 62,500 marked they were attending one of the events and 25,800 accounts marked they were interested.

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