Big Social Charged with Too-Slow Censorship by EU

EU is charging Big Social with not censoring people fast enough.  And they mean to make Big Social pay.

Internet giants not doing enough to take down illegal content: EU

 Internet giants like Facebook, Google’s YouTube and Twitter are not taking down illegal content from their websites fast enough, the European Union executive said on Tuesday after meeting with the companies.

Several European governments have increased pressure on social media companies to do more to remove illegal content – from incitement to hatred and racism to extremist material to counterfeit products being sold online – and the companies have gone to greater efforts to detail the changes they are making.

Five EU Commissioners met with representatives from companies including Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter in Brussels to discuss the progress they had made in removing illegal content quicker and more effectively.

“What is illegal, also has consequences. We need to find ways to remove this content. We want voluntary measures to work, but the progress has to be faster, it’s currently not going fast enough and we need to do something about it,” Julian King, EU security commissioner, said.

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