Big Social Violates Antitrust Laws, Say Free Market Conservatives

If you can’t beat em’, break em’ up with government guns. Many conservatives seem to have surrendered in the social media battle and are now working on narratives that will allow them to claim to be small gov, free market champions, while still working on using big gov to break up big social because big social is not friendly to their cause.

That call I hear more and more is to break up Big Social because it in violation of antitrust laws. It is an appeal to the other side of the conservative coin, that often contradicts the limited government, free market side of the coin (as, again, it does here), law and order. These are the laws and they need to be enforced. It just so happens that enforcing these particular laws will help the conservative cause, busting up the progressive-run and progressive friendly big social monopolies.

The Antitrust Case Against Facebook, Google and Amazon

Standard Oil Co. and American Telephone and Telegraph Co. were the technological titans of their day, commanding more than 80% of their markets.

Today’s tech giants are just as dominant: In the U.S., Alphabet Inc.’s Google drives 89% of internet search; 95% of young adults on the internet use a Facebook Inc. product; and Inc. now accounts for 75% of electronic book sales. Those firms that aren’t monopolists are duopolists: Google and Facebook absorbed 63% of online ad spending last year; Google and Apple Inc. provide…

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