A Bill To Make Local Politicans PAY If They Vote Against Gun Rights?

Bill would let residents sue local officials over gun-related decisions

A bill that would put pressure on local government officials to not restrict gun rights is dividing Second Amendment groups.

The bill being debated at the State House would impose penalties on local elected officials who vote to restrict gun rights.

“This is a constitutional right that we have that is extended to all the citizens fairly and uniformly, yet some towns decide, ‘Oh, in this town, we’re not going to allow that to take place,'” said Rep. J.R. Hoell, R-Dunbarton.

Opponents said the bill overreaches, and local officials should be able to make decisions about things such as where gun ranges can be located in their towns.

“We shouldn’t be threatening them criminally or civilly for acting in good faith to protect their constituents,” said Rep. Timothy Horrigan, D-Durham.

Milford banned target shooting last year on a large public property where the activity had become popular. The proposed bill names the city as a violator of gun rights, but Milford selectmen said that’s not what their decision was about.

“It was obviously very controversial on both sides, very passionate,” Selectman Mark Fougere said. “This really isn’t about gun ownership. It’s about land use.”

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Yes, this is a bill that is actually being introduced in the fine state of New Hampshire.  The bill would penalize local elected officials who vote to restrict the gun rights of residents.  This bill is trolly at so many levels, but you gotta love the troll in the case.

Of course, it goes without saying that the nature of the troll (that is, the targets) will probably determine the degree to which you accept the troll or not.
For me, well, yeah, I support this effort of trolling as it targets a group of people I consider to be, perhaps, one of the lowest of the low, people I put in the “dangerous neighbor” category, the first-in-line-to-become police informants in a police state crowd, the gun grabbers.

Of course, within the ostensible model of “Republicanism,” this bill pretty much defies all those standards.   But who am I to stand between a bunch of statists trolling each other and revealing to everyone else the absurdity of the whole affair of coercive enterprises?

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