The Blockchain Bank Will be Powered By A,I, and Her Name is Amanda

MoneyToken  is bringing an AI assistant online that should help in the development of a blockchain-based financial institution, a blockchain bank, if you will.

Blockchain backed loans powered by MoneyToken’s AI assistant, Amanda!

MoneyToken is a blockchain based financial ecosystem that solves one of the obvious problems that has been existing for quite a long time. Amanda, the AI built by money token will tackle the problem of getting a loan backed by crypto-assets.

The working objective of the company is simple, they provide liquid funds for the value of the crypto assets that you currently have. At the time of your repayment of funds, the same amount of crypto assets you pledged as collateral will be given back even if the value of the assets have increased.

The AI, Amanda will take care of processing of loans and oversee entire operations and even warn investors of any margin calls. This will make the short-term investors and long-term holders benefit from their investments in cryptocurrencies while leveraging cryptocurrency backed loan.

The organization has adopted more customer-centric approach by eliminating credit checks, the loan shall be credited based on the collateral in the ratio 1:2. The loan amount shall not only be provided in Fiat currencies rather if the investor plans to mobilize his funds within cryptocurrency market the funds shall be provided on any of the stable digital currency.

The measure of the loan amount shall be carried out using its own stable coin and decentralized exchange. This makes MoneyToken evolve as an ecosystem itself. The thought in the mind of the people right now is the security that ponders over the crypto world.

Amanda the AI automated technology will also be able to:

  • Answer the questions of users

  • Assist in the token generation event organized by MoneyToken

  • Frequent updates of markets on events and markets


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