Blockchain Platform Hoping to Create Human and AI Synthesis

Blockchain might just offer the mechanism that will humans and AI to work together instead of becoming potential adversaries in some dystopian future.  That’s the theory behind an Ethereum-based blockchain platform called Aitheon.

Blockchain Platform Would Create Symbiosis of Humans, AI, and Robots

Blockchain creates a symbiosis between humans, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics that would bring many new jobs. That is the belief behind Aitheon, a new Ethereum-based platform.

“The idea of human/robot symbiosis is that both humans and robots have a place and that place is together,” Aitheon creator and CEO Andrew Archer said. Aitheon has developed a number of blockchain applications that will allow for the remote operation of robots by freelance workers.

Freelancers will be able to control operations from a distance as “pilots” on the Aitheon platforms. Another position will be that of AI specialists; individuals that step in and solve problems for AI.

“The pilot can link in and take control of the robot and guide it,” Archer revealed. “Everything is distributed. A pool of workers is available to take over when the AI or robot fails.”

Blockchain Platform Would Create Symbiosis of Humans, AI, and Robots
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