It’s a Bloodsport, so Stop Looking for Logic and Principles

Politicos are not inconsistent or hypocritical when they seem to do an about face on ‘principles’ and even issues when it suddenly affects their ‘camp’ in either a positive or negative way.
Politicos have accepted the struggle for control of governmnt guns and, within that bloodsport, they are fighting a brutal war. Wars are not won by being nice or being “correct,” or having the “moral” high ground. They are won through destroying the enemy’s ability to resist. Plain And simple.
Trump won because the people on the “right” (at least a high portion of them), as well as many people who were once in the camp of the “left,” decidd it was time to join in the bloodsport the “left” had been playing for quite some time.
The desperate attempt to control the government guns is not just because both of the dominant camps (though not the only ones) want to use government guns to force people to do and think the way they want people to do and think, but because they fear if they don’t do it to the one side, the other side will do it to them.
My analysis of the political goings ons is shifting from thinking of the ‘principles’ and ideas at play, to thinking about what these political goings on tell me about the ever shifting tides of the reality of power between thes two camps, and among the peripheral camps on the outside looking in.

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