Body Positivity is Oppression

“Fat Shaming”

“Body Positivity”

Once again, some polar extremists have identified a legitimate issue, the shaming of people because they are “fat,” and run to the extreme end of the pole, attempting to create a cultural reality in which being “fat” is celebrated.

Being “fat” is to become a badge of honor. Being “fat” is to move you up the oppression/victim hierarchy, giving you elevated status over people who are not fat, and, worst, people who are..gasp…..thin…and worst of all, people who are….gasp…healthy, athletic, in shape, fit.

Much like the “white privilege,” “white guilt” gang, that identifies a legitimate issue (the ACTUAL racist history of America and how the effects of that racism are still being felt today), they identify ONE “injustice,” shaming people because of their physical appearance, and replace it with another “injustice,” shaming people because of their physical appearance.

Much like the trans-militants, they don’t merely demand tolerance of “fat” people, but they demand “acceptance,” “embrace,” “celebration.”

I am overweight, by maybe 50 or more pounds. I would not wish to be shamed because I am overweight. I would not wish to be dismissed when I do my job or articulate ideas merely because I am overweight. But I also DO NOT want people around me ENCOURAGING me to remain overweight, ENCOURAGING me to embrace what I look like as someone who is overweight.

Yes, I don’t believe that I, as an overweight person, a “fat” person, should feel shamed for being overweight. My self-worth should not be based on my physical appearance. But that works both ways. I will not embrace being overweight because it is detrimental to other things I want to do in life. It limits me physically in real ways and exacerbates other health issues I have.

If you are at one, so to speak, with being limited physically, if you are at one with the health issues you may experience as a result of being overweight, then great, by all means, embrace your physical appearance. Who am I to judge?

But when you go beyond your personal preference, to embrace your fatness, and DEMAND that others do the same, and SHAME other fat people who have chosen to work to lose weight, then you’ve become the very hate, the very discrimination, the very oppression you initially reacted against.

You just created a different set of oppressor and oppressed, just like the trans-militants do, just like the “white privilege” folks do. You become the beast you allege to fight. You just kill different people than the beast you originally sought to vanquish. But you’re just as evil, you’re just as oppressive, you’re just as much of a beast yourself, vying to gather the power to execute your maniacal, anti-human, anti-liberty plans.

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