The Bot Wars on Twitter Claim a Temporary Casualty, @Bitfinexed

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One anti-Bitfinex Twitter user is accusing a swarm of pro-Bitfinex bots of getting his Twitter account shut down in an attempt to silence dissent against Bitfinex.  The story itself reveals the ever-emerging battle of the bots that is ocurring across multiple competing spheres in multiple social media platforms.

This is where one or more side of a conflict deploys bots, be they machine or paid human trolls, to flag social media accounts in an effort to get their enemies knocked off of social media.

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Since most of Big Social (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) deploys some form of automated triggeres to shut down ‘offending’ accounts, the bot armies can easily strike enemy accounts and get them taken down.  Unless you are highly visible, getting your account back could take weeks, even months, and many who are struck down simply give up.

Twitter just suspended the account of a vocal cryptocurrency critic

Why release an audit of your so-called stablecoin when you can just shut down your loudest critic’s Twitter account?

The cryptocurrency world has been in a uproar with allegations that stablecoin Tether and exchange Bitfinex have artificially propped up the value of Bitcoin and are running an elaborate scam. One prominent voice making that claim could, until sometime early Feb. 7, be found on Twitter at @Bitfinexed. That changed for several hours today when the account was briefly suspended by Twitter……

The person behind Bitfinexed says the exchange Bitfinex is to blame.

“After failing to spam my Twitter with 400,000 fake followers, Bitfinex hires bots to mass-report my tweets and accounts,” posted Bitfinexed to the Buttcoin subreddit. “My Twitter account is currently suspended, earlier I had about 20 tweets that were considered ‘private’ despite the fact that it’s all public information (and some stuff that even the NY times has along with bloomberg, yeah so private), so they’ve been using bots to mass report my tweets.”

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