Boulder Cops Fine You $50 For Not Pressing Crosswalk Signal Button

The Boulder Police Department have come up with another creative source for raising revenue.  It seems they are patrolling crosswalks, looking for people who cross the street without pressing the crosswalk signal button.  If you get caught, you’ll be paying the Boulder Police $50 for the service they provided you, gently ‘reminding’ you to press the crosswalk button and wait for the signal before you cross the street.  And who says cops don’t protect and serve…..the state’s wallet?  Not me, definitely not me.


Because Safety: Push the Walk Button to Cross the Road in Boulder — or Fork Over $50

Pedestrians in Boulder who neglect to activate the crosswalk signal could find themselves slapped with a relatively offensive $50 fine — even when crossing in a manner otherwise in compliance with the law — as authorities crack down on the problem keeping everyone up at night: crossing the street.
Yes (nearly irresistible compulsion to quip chicken versus road jokes aside) police in the cannabis-legal Colorado city had the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in mind with its ‘Heads Up Boulder’ campaign to educate the citizenry on the perils of the crosswalk, considering data show 60 percent of fatalities and serious injuries occurred — you guessed it — inside crosswalks.

“The Heads Up Boulder campaign is an opportunity to remind the community that pedestrian and bicyclist safety is a top priority,” remarked Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa in a statement cited by the Boulder News. “Collision statistics show crosswalks can be surprisingly dangerous, and all road users need to exercise caution and awareness of others to make us all safer.”

Indeed, that public education program seems warranted — but all attempts by the city to appear the compassionate protector are belied in its albeit direct flirtation with Nanny State fascism.
Fines for violations during the ostensively temporary safety blitz aren’t forgiving, either, at $50 a pop, and will be swiftly handed down to pedestrians — and bicyclists — who fail to press the walk button before crossing the street.

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Because Safety: Push the Walk Button to Cross the Road in Boulder — or Fork Over $50

Getting caught by the cops for failing to press the walk light before crossing the street in Boulder, Colorado, will soon cost you $50 in fines.

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