Brady Goes Public With New Cult, er, Diet Book, TB12

Tom Brady is sharing his religion with the world, which is fine.  I support free speech and free sharing and all that.  But maybe don’t call your religion book a diet book?  The name of his book is “The TB12 Method.”  It outlines the cultlike practices of TB12.  Of course, I’m just being a bit tongue in cheek, but yeah, go Eagles!

Tom Brady’s new diet book makes some strange claims about body chemistry

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, winner of five Super Bowls, is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He’s also a peddler of baseless health claims, most recently in a new exercise and diet book, The TB12 Method.

The book details Brady’s 12 principles for “sustained peak performance” — all the exercises, massage techniques, diet supplements, and stretches that have, he claims, kept keep him on the field to the ripe-for-pro-football age of 40.

But it’s his diet that he believes truly underpins his success as an athlete. “It really doesn’t matter how much exercise you do,” Brady writes, “if you’re not eating the right food and providing your body the right nutrients.”

For Brady, the “right foods” are “alkalizing” and “anti-inflammatory.” Alkaline foods lower his pH level, he writes, which can help with a range of ailments, from boosting low energy to preventing hip fractures. (He’s wrong here.) Anti-inflammatory foods, meanwhile, supposedly boost athletic performance and help speed recovery.

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