British Man Gets Police Visit After Criticizing Government

If you question your government, and you live in the UK, you might just find the police stopping by to pay you a visit.  If you were a former member of that government, and you question it, and you live in the UK, you might find the police stopping by to pay you a visit.  This is what a former councillor in Suffolk is claiming.

Former councillor who criticised town council online receives visit by police

Former councillor who used social media to criticise local government spending was visited at home by police officers.

Tony Boxford, 61, was stunned to see uniformed officers outside his house and accused Suffolk Police of wasting valuable time and resources.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “They don’t have the resources to deal with traffic issues or parking problems yet they have time to come and knock on people’s doors on behalf of the council.”

It has also been claimed that a second man received a similar visit from the police after making critical comments about the town council’s clerk on social media and at a private Christmas party.

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