Brits Reject Losing Their EU Overlords, Poll Suggests

If this poll is accurate, it seems that the Brits have already had enough of being freed from the central authority that is known as the EU. As I’ve said before, remember that sometimes polls are indicators of aggregate views, and sometimes they are manipulated to create desired aggregate views.
Whether this poll fits into one or the other category, the release of this poll indicates that the owners and managers of both the British nation state and the European Union are working on undoing what the voting population of Britain indicated they wanted done on June 23rd, 2016.
The lesson you can cull from what you see emerging with Brexit is this, the coercive monopolies and their supporters will never relent in continuously working to manipulate the aggregate of their controlled population to either accept or (even more ideally) DEMAND greater controls by central authority (for the good of the whole).
The agit prop that supports them (most major media outlets) will do their part to focus on real and/or imagined stories to advance the narratives that push the views that the owners and managers of the coercive enterprises wish to see emerge.

New poll predicts British people would vote to scrap Brexit in a second referendum

Britain would vote to scrap Brexit and remain in the EU if a second referendum were held today, the British people now believe.

Voters were asked what they believed would be the result of a second Brexit referendum. 45% said Britain would vote to remain in the EU, as opposed to 35% who said Britain would again vote to leave, according to a new poll commissioned by Lord Ashcroft.

Among all decided voters, Remain now has a predicted 12 point lead of 56% to 44%.

Almost one-in-five Brexit voters say they believe Britain would vote to remain inside the EU instead.

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