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[PODCAST] #513: Building Self Directed Learning Communities (With Diane Murphy)


(FreeCoast Fest – Day 2 – Dover, NH)
Diane Murphy taught in public schools for 30 years before she retired early to build BigFish, an innovative self-directed learning community in Dover, NH. I had the pleasure of speaking with Diane at the FreeCoast Festival and of hearing her presentation on BigFish. We sat down to discuss her past experience, current efforts and passion for self-directed learning and integrating teens into the real world.

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    Articile Continues:

    – Diane’s path out of public school
    – properties of natural learning
    – physical costs of school
    – A new model for a self-directed learning center
    – Cooperation and competition can work together
    – Community networking for real-world education and training
    – How teens move from a school to a self-directed learning community
    – Outcomes for self-directed learners
    – Building online portfolios
    – How public school teachers are kept in line

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