Buy One, Get One Free? Not in France, if Bill Passes

If you like your nanny state, you’re gonna love France.  The nanny state has recently announced its intentions to pass new regulations that would prevent food sellers from making “buy one, get one free” offers.  The regulation would be part of a larger farm bill.  It’s been proposed that this move will enable retailers to “trim their margins” and thus be able to pay producers better.

Of course, someone should tell them that when you remove the ability to make basic sales offers like “buy one, get one free,” you might just reduce the amount of product that you are able to move.  If less people want to buy your product, it will have the effect of lowering the price of the product, which will then cause the retailers to offer the farmers lower prices for their products, and the farmers will be in a position where they will either have to accept the price or go into another line of work.

France to ban ‘buy one, get one free’ offers on foodstuff

France plans to ban “buy one, get one free” offers on food products in supermarkets to guarantee better income to struggling farmers, in a move that could also test President Emmanuel Macron’s free-market credentials.

The move is part of a wider food and farming bill, presented to cabinet on Wednesday, which aims to raise regulated minimum food prices and limit bargain sales in France, the European Union’s largest farm producer.

Farmers, an important constituency in French politics, have long complained about being hit by a price war between retailers that they say benefits consumers but hurts producers.

“It will be a breath of fresh air for retailers, who will be able to trim their margins on other products and pay producers better,” Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert told reporters, adding that non-food products would not be affected.



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