Buying Sovereignty, Roger Ver’s Anarcho-Country, The Free Society

The Bitcoin renegade Roger Ver is aiming to create a new country under the banner of “The Free Society.”  The new country aims to buy land from a nation-state, but not just land, sovereignty.   This is a project that a lot of people who believe in alternative models to the current nation-state will be paying close attention to.  Roger Ver and his fellow Free Society members would do well to listen to a series of podcasts run by Shane Radliff of Liberty Under Attack called The Vonu Podcast.  In that series, the history of others who have tried in some way to create their own anarchist country is covered with great detail.



Roger Ver and the Free Society: A New Anarchist Paradise?

Called the “Free Society,” the country’s website is currently barebones. At press time, the only things displayed on the website are a two-sentence ‘About Us,’ a newsletter subscription box, and a ‘FAQ’ section.

According to the FAQ section, Roger and the rest of the Free Society team are negotiating with different, undisclosed national governments. The Free Society’s goal is to reach an agreement with a national government that will grant them sovereignty over a piece of the existing government’s land, or a nearby territory.

The FAQ also states that the team has the following set of criteria for an acceptable location

Here is th FQ:

What’s this project about?
For many decades, mostly libertarians have been trying to create a new country by various methods that have ranged from unsuccessfully claiming an existing piece of land (Minerva, Liberland), to creating floating structures on the water (Seasteading). Unfortunately, none of these attempts have succeeded so far and have encountered substantial resistance from existing governments or were technically or financially too difficult. Our conclusion is that, to really gain sovereignty, the most efficient way is to negotiate with an existing government. There are many examples of governments granting another nation sovereignty over a part of their territory, the more prominent example being Guantanamo bay (Cuba), which the USA leased as a coaling and naval station in 1903 for $2000 payable in gold per year. Other more benevolent examples are the current discussions between Maldives and other nations to sell them a piece of land in an attempt to have a solution for their people once their islands permanently disappear because of rising ocean levels.
Which government are you negotiating with?
We have started up preliminary talks with governments and interest is much higher than initially expected. For confidentiality reasons we are unable to disclose any names at this point, but we will do so as soon as we are allowed.
What are your selection criteria?
  • Proximity to existing economic powerhouses (US, Europe, Asia)
  • Accessibility by water
  • Located in a safe, conflict-free area
  • Stable existing government
  • Nations with a significant national debt
  • A flexible constitution that allows granting sovereignty
  • Acceptable minimum size for the land
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