California’s Gun Confiscation Unit Struggles to Meet “Orders”

While I’m not saying that massive-scale gun confiscation will be happening anytime soon, small-scale, targeted gun confiscation is already here, at least in California.

A special task force has been created to target and seize guns from people that have “lost” their 2nd Amendment “privileges” for one reason or another.

But even at this small of a scale, the task force is struggling to keep up with the “demand.”

From the Washington Post

California agents are on the hunt for targeted guns

A dozen years ago, the state set up a database that flags law enforcement officials when a registered gun owner is convicted of a felony, deemed mentally ill, has received a restraining order or committed one of about 37 qualifying misdemeanors.

The list is known as the Armed Prohibited Persons System, and while it has failed to prevent mass shootings in San Bernardino, Isla Vista and other cities in the state, it has taken tens of thousands of guns out of the hands of people prohibited from having them.

State officials say the kind of restraining order that a family or law enforcement official is allowed to seek here against someone of concern might have landed Nikolas Cruz, the alleged school shooter in Parkland, on the list if one existed in Florida. That will never be known.

The work of Richardson’s agents is overwhelming, with the number of guns and “prohibiteds” growing faster than the underresourced teams can take them off the street. So is the ingenuity of those selling guns, and those making guns, and those owning guns, legally or not.


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