Cashing in on Trumpophobia by Selling Underground Bunkers

This story warms the cockles of my heart.  You know the old saying, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade?  What if you changed it to ‘if life gives you bombs, make bomb shelters?”  Well, that’s just what Clyde Scott did, turning the fear of bombs because of a Trump Presidency into cash, cash, cash from selling bomb shelters to…..liberals.

Now, why does this story warm the cockles of my heart?  Liberals believe that they need the government to literally solve everything, and to make everything all right and safe.  Now they find themselves seeking relief from the threat of government from the free market, and Clyde Scott has the product that will save them all, underground bunkers.

If we could just keep them in their undergournd bunkers, minding their own freaking business, that would be an extra bonus.

Meet the doomsday prepper making millions selling bomb shelters to people afraid of Trump

Clyde Scott didn’t expect to be so busy or so popular. He started building underground bunkers during the Obama administration for clients who feared the government would take away their property and their guns.

But the election of Donald Trump only increased business by bringing him a new clientele — Californians and New Yorkers afraid of nuclear war.

“We’ve had liberals coming out of the woodwork to protect themselves,” the 38-year-old Texan said. Right after Trump’s election, “business went out the roof. I’d say 500 to 700 percent in one month.”

The change has not gone unnoticed. Scott has become famous for his bunker manufacturing facility called Rising S Company (named for Jesus Christ, “the rising Son”). He’s appeared in major newspapers and on network television.


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