Catalan Leaders Recoil at Spain’s Direct Rule Moves on Education

Spain, under the guise of offering students in Catalonia more choices regarding language, is threatening to take over the Catalan education system.

The pushback from the Catalans has been immediate.

Whether or not Catalonia should allow its children the choice to learn a different main language (in this case, Castilian over Catalan), the moves by Spain to use this as a pretext to take over the education system are transparent.

The excuse is intended to open the door to take an opportunity to train the next generation of Catalans to lose their independent identity as Catalans.

Anger from Catalonia as Spain threatens direct rule on language

Catalan politicians and educational groups expressed anger on Friday after the government of Mariano Rajoy said it was considering using direct rule to bring the Spanish language back to schools in the autonomous community, igniting a touch paper in the independence crisis.

Secessionists accused Madrid of -authoritarian behaviour and inflaming Spanish nationalism with the proposal to use Article 155 to impose changes in Catalan education – an issue that has long been a political and social battleground.

The outcry came after the Spanish Ministry of Education confirmed such a move was under discussion, following a meeting between Mr Rajoy and two Catalan groups that advocate -bilingual education.

The proposed change could allow parents in Catalonia to choose greater teaching in Castilian Spanish. At present, state schools teach almost entirely in Catalan, with Castilian usually restricted to Spanish literature and language classes.

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