Catalan Parliament Chooses to Delay Vote, Remain Committed to Puigdemont

It looks like the Catalan parliament is not backing down.  Rather than carry out a vote that would have forced them to select a President other than exiled President Carles Puigdemont, the parliament instead chose to delay the vote.
In doing so, they made it clear they were not backing down in their committment to choose Carles Puigdemont, once again, as their President.

Catalan parliament delays vote on leader but backs Puigdemont

The speaker of the Catalan parliament has postponed a session to invest Carles Puigdemont as president but insisted the deposed former leader remains the only legitimate candidate to form a government after pro-independence parties retained their majority in December’s snap elections.

Despite blunt warnings from the Spanish government that it will not allow Puigdemont to return to office after he fled to Belgium following last October’s unilateral declaration of independence, Roger Torrent said the investiture of a new president was a matter for the regional parliament alone.

“We don’t accept anyone telling us that the Catalans have voted incorrectly because we didn’t do what they wanted,” the pro-independence speaker said on Tuesday morning, hours before regional MPs were due to choose a president.

“Neither the [Spanish government] nor the constitutional court decides who will be president; that’s for the democratically elected members of parliament to decide.”

The defiant stance came three days after Spain’s constitutional court ruled that Puigdemont, who remains in self-imposed exile in Brussels, could not take part in an investiture debate via video conference or by getting one of his MPs to read a speech in his place.

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