Catalan Parliament Issues Charges to Spanish Judge Who Jailed Secessionist Leaders

The parliament of Catalonia has issued a statement calling on Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena to be brought up on charges after ruling that Jordi Sanchez should be jailed.  Sanchez faces rebellion charges.  He was jailed after the Catalan parliament nominated him as their new leader, replacing exiled former President Carles Puidgemont.


Catalan parliament calls for Spanish judge to be charged over jailed politician

The complaint was the latest broadside in a tussle between Barcelona and the central government, which imposed direct rule of the wealthy northeastern region after its government declared independence from the rest of Spain last October.

Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena thwarted an attempt this week by the Catalan parliament to nominate as its leader Jordi Sanchez, a long-time independence activist who is currently in jail awaiting trial on charges of rebellion.

A board of representatives from the parliament agreed to accuse Llarena of knowingly making an unjust ruling – one which regional parliament speaker Roger Torrent has described a “rights violation”.

The decision was opposed by unionist forces within the assembly, including liberal party Ciudadanos, which became the single biggest group in elections in December, but fell short of the secessionist coalition’s narrow majority.

Since the vote, pro-independence politicians have been unable to choose a new leader.


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