Catalan Parliament Speaker Demands Puidgemont be Reinstated as President

The Catalan Parliament is not giving up on having Carles Puigdemont returned as their President.   Puigdemont is currently in exile in Brussels, facing political arrest if he returns to Catalonia.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, is not giving up on Puigdemont’s return.  He’s calling for Spain to come to the negotiating table to start the process of returning Puigdemont to Catalonia as their President.

Catalan parliament needs Puigdemont, says speaker

The speaker of the Catalan parliament has insisted that the deposed regional president, Carles Puigdemont, remains the only candidate to form a new government, as he renewed his call for a negotiated political solution to the independence crisis.

Roger Torrent, who became speaker following December’s snap elections, told the Guardian that while he hoped for dialogue with the Spanish state, Catalonia urgently needed a new government to bring an end to direct rule from Madrid.

The region has been under the control of the Spanish government since the end of October, when Spain’s prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, responded to Puigdemont’s unilateral push for independence by using article 155 of the constitution to sack his secessionist administration and call fresh elections.

“We need an investiture as soon as possible so we can have a government that’s effective and that can go about eliminating article 155 from the political landscape of Catalonia,” said Torrent.


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