Catalans Prepare for Bank Run in Retaliation to Spain’s Article 155

After Madrid Stepped Up Its Actions Against Catalonia, The Catalans Are Responding with a Bank Run

The Catalans are not taking the latest moves by Madrid lying down.  If you follow iState, you know we have been covering this story of the struggle of a region within a nation-state to declare independence for some time now.

The latest move saw the Spanish government invoking Article 155 of its constitution and arresting two leading independence activists.  Rather than backing down, the Catalans are preparing to remove their wealth from the Spanish banking system.

From Zero Hedge

As tensions escalate in Spain, Catalan Separatists are potentially about to do some real damage and hit Madrid where it really hurts.

In a tweeted message to their 270,000 followers, Assemblea Nacional urged supporters to pull cash from CaixaBank and Banco Sabadell branches between 8 am and 9am Friday to protest at their decision to shift their legal domiciles out of the region…

Catalan News @catalannews

#BREAKING Civil society groups in Catalonia call for mass withdrawal of money from ATMs tomorrow at 8am to pressure Spanish government

As the video begins…

“Go to 1 of the 5 main banks and take out as much cash as you want. Don’t forget, it’s your money”.

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