Catalonia’s Ex-President Vows to Continue Fight Despite Text Messages Saying “It is Over”

Despite a series of rather pessimistic text messages, the exiled ex-President of Catalonia, Carles Puidgemont, is denying that he is giving up hope of still leading Catalonia.

Spanish TV gleefully carried news of texts Puidgemont sent that, at one point, said “it is over.”

The exiled ex-President said he had a moment of doubt, but the doubt is done, and, as he texted, “we continue.”

Catalonia’s Puigdemont denies giving up after ‘defeat’ texts

Fugitive Catalan politician Carles Puigdemont has denied he is giving up on leading an independent Catalonia after his private text messages were broadcast on Spanish TV.

Mr Puigdemont admitted he had had a moment of doubt but insisted: “We continue!”

In his texts, shown by Telecinco, he said “it is over” and Madrid “has won”.

He has been in Belgium since declaring independence in October, which led to sedition and rebellion charges.

The independence declaration followed a controversial referendum, which Spain declared illegal.

Mr Puigdemont was due to attend an event in the Belgian town of Leuven on Tuesday but Toni Comín, an aide, went instead and a camera behind him picked up Mr Puigdemont’s messages to him.

“We are seeing the last days of republican Catalonia,” one message reads. “The plan of Moncloa [the Spanish prime minister’s official residence in Madrid] has won.”

He added in another text: “I suppose it is clear that it is over. We have been sacrificed by our own, at least I have.”



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