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Trump’s New Communications Director Tries to Erase Anti-Gun Tweet History

President Donald Trump is proving over and over again that the differences between Republicans and Democrats is not all that much with the latest major shakeup in his cabinet.  This time, President Trump has jettisoned Sean Spicer and chosen Anthony Scaramucci as the man to replace Spicer as Trump’s White House communications director.  This is a key position that empowers Scaramucci to control the narrative coming out of the White House.

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Marylanders Beg SCOTUS to Overturn 4th Circuit Anti-Gun, Anti-Human-Defense Ruling

After the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that gun rights are only selective and that the state can define what constitutes selective, a group of Marylanders are attempting to get the Supreme Court to visit the ruling.  They hope to get the Supreme Court to reassert less restrictive interpretations of what constitutes ‘common sense’ gun control.

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