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Male Fish Become Female Fish Far More Often Than Female Fish Become Male Fish….FACT!

Did you know that fish were gender benders?  Many of you probably knew that many types of fish can change their sex, BUT, a recent study has revealed that when it comes to bending of the genders, er, sex (wait, isn’t gender a social…never mind), it seems the female fishies are much less likely to opt to change to male fish than the male fish are likely to switch teams and go all-girl, so to speak.

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Don’t Just BE A Jerk-Off, Get PAID to Jerk Off

 Tired of being called a wanker by your friends, your family?  Tired of being called a jerk off just because you’re too lazy too work, or, more accurately, you don’t particularly like working? Well, you can go ahead and OWN that title AND make some good coin while doing it.  If you live in the UK (and if you don’t, you might want to move) you can get a job masturbating.  This is not fake news, folks, so keep reading.

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Move Over Plants, Cyborg Bacteria Can Outperform You in Photosynthesis

When I hear the word cyborg, I think, killer robots, or the MMA star, Chris Cyborg.  I don’t think renewable energy.  But that’s about to change, at least for me, as scientists are working on what are being called “cyborg bacteria” that are covered with microscopic solar panels.  These cyborg bacteria will be able to outperform plants in photosynthesis, which offers great promise for the future of solar energy.

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Elon Musk Begs UN To Regulate Robots Before They Kill Us All

 Elon Musk is a brilliant innovator who is also equally brilliant at manipulating government guns to help him do what the free market would not allow him to do.  While he is busy securing hundreds of millions of dollars of government subsidies, he’s also busy raising the spectre of Skynet to attempt to scare government (this time the world government known as the UN) to ban “lethal autonomous weapons.”  The media might couch this as a brave, brilliant man sounding a needed alarm, but I for one would call this alarmism aimed at shutting down current and potential future competitors. 

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FBI Caught Manipulating Mentally Ill Man to Attempt to Commit Act of Terror

Without government, who would stop the fake terrorist plots orchestrated by government?  That’s right, it is becoming increasingly clear that government is most effective at stopping terror plots when it is behind manipulating people to want to carry out terror plots.  This time, the FBI targeted a severely disabled young man, carefuly positioning him to want to become a ‘right wing terrorist.’

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Trump Moves Decisively In Favor of the War Hawks in Afghanistan Speech

Many people who held their nose and voted for Donald Trump did so because they believed this was a man who would roll back the wars of aggression being run by former President Barack Obama.  Well, after a series of hints that went in multiple directions about how President Trump would approach Afghanistan, it appears that the hawks have won.  Call them globalists, call them establishment, call them what you want, what they have in common is a committment to bomb the world to freedumb.

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