Category: Poetry

A Valentine’s Day Poem for Jena

What it means to be married to Jena When the dull thud of life’s engine Grinds down the slow beat You are the new fuel that flames Pulse and love’s speed. When the star-less sky apes Empty thoughts that eviscerate the soul You...

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Debris-The Bridge- A poem

Debris (the bridge) Before there can be any sense of drama there must first exist some pre-conceived concept of the drama. A dialogue is composed of rhythmic connotations. Back from that wicked Count, as you see, a merrier world...

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Dance at the Closed Door

Dance at the closed door 1. in the first part is the search for reason wearing a blue gown not a red one now he moves into the channel sets the compass he is barely out of the water (this dark, little, archaic and vulgar dock)...

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A Thousand Years Measured

Manifestations of eternal earth (a thousand years measured) 1. world as inarticulation at the outset the close of dawn that great feast which he had yet to design. he had thought following one’s own voice across the metaphorical...

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Sung out of Range- A Poem

Sung Out of Range I steal this violin makes a sound about love or death and yet is in a simple physicality I steal this hand moves over the settled body reclined and oblivious to the violin’s physics I steal my love, the...

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Sense/Sensation- A Poem

Sense/Sensation a stone bleached by the distant frond of light from a dying star you know sense is about the opened eye, the turned ear, the hand reaching, the nostrils inhaling, the mouth tasting sense is not gained by rocking...

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