CAUGHT ON TAPE: Glass-Smashing Goat Vandalizes Business, Goes On The Lam

Most businesses just have burglars to worry about. For one Colorado company, it’s apparently a herd of hard-headed goats.

Surveillance video taken at a Boulder County business on Sunday captured a goat smashing out the building’s front glass windows as its buddies scurried around in the background.

Greg Cappaert who works for polyurethane producer Argonics, said the company’s general manager came in on Monday morning to find one glass door and a floor-to-ceiling window shattered, prompting him to call 911.

“His instant reaction is, ‘We’ve been robbed,’” Cappaert told the Daily Camera. “He called police right away, and they are taking pictures and everything, and then he goes and checks the video.”

What they saw gave them quite a startle.

“For like 20 minutes he sat and banged on the front door,” Cappaert said of the goat. “He must have seen his reflection in the door and thought it was another goat. He was trying to beat up the whole building.”

Cappaert said he later struggled with what to say when calling the insurance company.

“What do you do about goats? What is the policy on having goats come and trash your front door?” he recalled to CBS 4 News.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Glass-Smashing Goat Vandalizes Business, Goes On The Lam

This goat is the G.O.A.T.

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