CES 2018 Shows How IoT Has Gone Mainstream

Internet of Things Finally Shows Signs of Becoming a Mass Market

This time around at CES 2018, one could find pretty comprehensive home IoT product lines from the likes of Samsung (SSNLF) , LG, Panasonic, Huawei and Haier. There were also a slew of intriguing and reasonably-priced consumer IoT solutions from startups. Examples include water-monitoring devices for tracking usage and detecting leaks; tiny health sensors that can be integrated with fitness bands and track everything from blood pressure to stress levels; and bikes and scooters with built-in navigation and smart speaker function.

Meanwhile, widespread support among devices for Amazon.com’s (AMZN – Get Report) Alexa and/or Alphabet’s (GOOGL – Get Report) Google Assistant is making devices easier to set up and control, and growing support for Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is starting to allow hardware from multiple vendors to be jointly controlled.

And for businesses and governments, the likes of Bosch, Philips and Alibaba (BABA – Get Report(yes, Alibaba) showed off platforms for automating and monitoring everything from factories to electrical systems to transportation infrastructures, while the likes of DJI and Intel (INTC – Get Report) showcased powerful drones targeting everyone from farmers to security agencies to Hollywood directors.

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