Child of the Corn- A Tale of Forgetting Your Kid at a Corn Maze Overnight

Mom Remembers the Next Morning She Forgot Kid At Corn Maze

Corn Maze, Salt Lake City, Utah, West Jordan, Kendall Schmidt

If you’ve watched the Home Alone movies, you know it’s perfectly normal to forget about a kid and leave them behind when you go on vacation.  Sure, right.  No one just leaves a kid behind right?  Well…

Ok, so this story doesn’t have parents leaving a kid behind while they go on Christmas vacation, leaving the kid to fend off bungling wanna-be burglars with MacGyver-Lite ingenuity.  But it’s still a pretty good “We left a kid behind” story.

This story is about corn, corn in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Jordan, Utah.  It happened this past Monday, October 9th, 2017.

This story was originally covered in the Washington Post, but they’re hardly gonna iLulz it like I will.  Still, if you want to read the boring version, go there.   For all you non-normies, you stay right here and keep reading.

So the family in question is not named, but the person who found the left behind child has a name, and that person’s name is Kendall Schmidt.

Kendall told the Washington Post, “He was crying and upset and obviously scared.”  Kendall, by the way, was just another person attempting to feel lost in a corn maze but then find their way out of it, preferable with everyone that came with them (if anyone did, though it would be creepy, really, to see someone just show up by themselves wandering through a corn maze).

There are two elements to this story that make it worthy of an iLulz.  The first part is the mother who left her kid behind, a 3-year old boy, didn’t realize UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING that the boy was missing.  Dang, I mean, I think even the Home Alone parents at least realized the error of their ways before THE NEXT MORNING! Correct me if I’m wrong, I may try and find the video clip, but if I can’t, just take my word for it.

The second weird element is how this child was, well, less than cooperative.  Honestly, if you were watching the movie version and you saw this happen, you would probably say, “Well, that doesn’t even seem realistic, but I get it, they had to do it so they couldn’t find the kid’s family right away.

I’ll let Kendall explain it.  He told the Washington Post, “We couldn’t get him to give us his name.  He could say his brother’s name and his cat’s name, but not his own name.”

I’m thinking two possible things here.  The first is that the boy was LITERALLY not raised to know his own name.  Maybe he never ever head his name being called, which, given how he was forgotten until the next day, might not be too hard to believe.  The other possibility is this boy is WOKE, I mean, OVERLY WOKE.  He doesn’t know who’s a Fed.  He doesn’t know if he’s being detained.  He didn’t SIGN NOTHING and He’s not talking.

I kinda hope it was the former, but I’m betting it’s the latter.

An off-duty cop let the boy sit in her police cruiser where he watched a movie (I wonder if it was Home Alone, or, GASP, Children of the Corn) while everyone else went through the corn maze with fine tooth combs, and also a bullhorn.

I wonder what they yelled through that bullhorn.  “Hey parents or parent and or guardian or guardians of boy who doesn’t know or won’t tell us his own name, dudes or whatever, whoever, we found your kid, you schmucks!”

That would be a great movie scene, but I doubt that’s how it happened, sadly.

That would be the end of the scene and then maybe the boy goes on an adventure with the off-duty cop in which he finds opportunities throughout the night to say “Am I being detained?” until he falls asleep, maybe with a police dog, and wakes up the next day, crying, alone, scared.

In reality, the boy stated with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services overnight.  That would not make for a great movie.

Transition to the Mother’s house when Mom is making breakfast for the kids.  She’s got the bowls of cereal, one for each kid.  She lays out the bowls, fills them with Malt-O-Meals Puffed Rice, she pours in the milk and calls out “Kids, Come Eat!”  You see each chair filled dramatically, until, at last, you see that last bowl of cereal, unattended.

This could be quite a dramatic scene because the Mother had 10 children.  That would be 9 seats filled, one at a time, until that last seat remained…empty.  It is at this point that the Mom cries out, “Holy crap I forgot that…what..whatshisface!”

Well, not sure if that’s how it happened, but apparently, the Mother did wake up the next morning and then realized the boy was missing.

A West Jordan Police Sergeant, Joe Monson, relayed to The Salt Lake Tribune what happened the next day.  He told them, “She realized she may have left him at the corn maze and called us.  This was a case of multiple families with multiple children living in the same home.”

Alls well that ends well, except now the Mom is being investigated by the DCFS.  While I’m not so sure about not remembering a kid is missing until the next day, I can understand, especially when there are 10 kids in the mix, forgetting a kid and leaving them behind.  But man, to go until the next morning before you notice the kid is missing?

Add into that mix that the kid didn’t even know his own name and you gotta wonder what’s going on in there.  Here’s hoping the kid learns his name.  That would be a good first start.  Also, thank God he didn’t turn out to be the kind of child of the corn from that movie, Children of the Corn.

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