China Chases Feminist Activists Out of City Before Global Forum

There are feminist activists in China.  This..for so many reasons…makes me happy.

Chinese Feminists Forced to Leave City Ahead of Fortune Global Forum

Three feminist activists in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong say they are leaving the provincial capital following a protracted campaign by authorities to force them out of their rented accommodation.

Activists Zhang Leilei, Guo Jing and Xiong Zai, who have been living in Guangdong’s provincial capital Guangzhou for several months, say they have had enough after being repeatedly targeted by police from their local Haizhu district police department.

“About 20 people came to our leaving party, some of them old friends and some who showed up on the day, because they had heard about our being forced to move online, and wanted to come round to show their support,” Guo told RFA.

“Most of them had some understanding of women’s rights … We told them our eviction story, and people were very concerned and supportive,” she said. “I found this very moving.”

Police first told the women to leave after searching their apartment just two months after they arrived for handouts and T-shirts that formed part of an anti-sexual harassment campaign.

The activists had planned to distribute wearable placards bearing an anti-sexual harassment slogan and depicting cartoon animals aboard public transportation.

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