China Creates Digital Police State Test Lab in Uyghur Region

It seems that the so-called autonomous region of Uyghur, which is within China’s borders, has become a digital police state laboratory, with the Chinese government employing more than 90,000 personnel to track every scrap of data they can on the people living in the region.

They are doing this using a number of digital techniques, creating a super digital police state laboratory where they can test out methods and gear on the Uyghurs, who have no major friends among the general Chinese population.

AI and Facial Recognition: China’s Surveillance Society Experiment Underway In Uyghur

  • China’s surveillance system in Uyghur has become more severe and is heading towards disaster

  • Their approach to Uyguhr is reiteration of Hitlerian ideology of xenophobia and purging of foreign races

  • Uyghur has her own Liu Xiaobo, Ilham Tohti who is rumoured to be a potential Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The public has yet to know of the goings on inside the China-ruled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Recently, however, the Wall Street Journal and Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, have reported on the near-completion of a surveillance society inside the Autonomous Region…..

….The WSJ also introduced the story of Tahir Hamut, an Uyghur native who died in the U.S.

Hamut commented on the surveillance state of Uyghur.

“Uyghur is heading for hell after the spring of 2017. Police have started to collect detailed information on each Uyghur person about whether they have employment, a passport, whether they pray and so on. Uyghurs had to submit this form. From this information, the state decides whether a person is ‘safe’ or ‘dangerous’”.

According to the WSJ those deemed ‘dangerous’ are taken to a political education centre on the outskirts of Kashgar where they are locked up in a surveillance tower surrounded by electric wires. It is the state that decides who to detain according to surveillance information, so the detainees have no idea why they are being taken away.

The Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, reported on the severe surveillance on Islamic Mosques, and how each individual’s thought patterns and DNA data are recorded. Especially amongst the children there is a strict rule to create a Chinese speaking environment at school and they are not permitted to return home during the school term.

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