China Signals US is Its Nemesis

Two massive coercive enterprises are a threat to one another, who knw?

For Beijing, the greatest threat to China’s national security is not the Kim regime: it is the US

Beijing views the recent installment of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in South Korea (which Washington bills as a protection against the missile threat from North Korea) primarily as part of a US-led regional missile defence network serving the larger purpose of weakening China’s nuclear deterrence capability. Chinese military and security experts believe that the X-band radar system which comes with the THAAD missile defence battery enables the US to conduct surveillance deep into Chinese and Russian territory.

The Chinese are particularly concerned that the THAAD system in Seoul will be connectedto the other two American X-band radars stationed in the north and the south of Japan – expanding further data exchange and strengthening the US missile defence system in China’s close neighbourhood.

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