China’s Ice Man Calls For Tighter Controls of Internet, AI, and Quantum Computing Development

A shadowy figure, Wang Huning, emerged from the shadows to make a speech at a recent technological conference.  At that speech, he made five proposals to help the Chinese government to control the internet and its development, especially in the areas of A.I and Quantum computing.

China’s Top Ideologue Calls for Tight Control of Internet

Known as the brain behind President Xi Jinping, Wang Huning made his first major speech since joining the Politburo Standing Committee, the seven-member group that rules China, at a conference created to show off the country’s technological strengths to the world.

Well known for his icy remove and support of authoritarianism, Mr. Wang called for security and order on the internet as part of five proposals he made to guide the future of cyberspace. He also emphasized China’s technological prowess, and said more should be done by the government to guide the development of new industries like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.


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