China’s Investment in Australia Might Be Choking Freedom There

The re-emergence of tighter centralized control could be the biggest internal threat to China, as well as Australia.  Here’s why:

The Chinese Regime’s Multi-Pronged Subversion Holds Australia in Sway

In recent years, Chinese billionaires with close links to the Communist Party have become major sponsors of Australian politicians, and run large-scale campaigns across media and universities targeting the overseas Chinese community.

As the Australian government struggles to study the effects of Beijing’s influence and impose restrictions on foreign influence in its political process, free discourse concerning the very fact of the Party’s long arm in Australia is coming under pressure.

“Even my freedom in Australia is increasingly under threat from China’s ‘soft power,’ said professor Chongyi Feng in an article run in Australia’s ABC News. Feng is a strong critic of the Chinese regime.

Earlier in 2017, Feng was barred from returning to Australia, where he lives, by the Chinese authorities when he went to China to visit relatives. He was only allowed to return home after being subject to an interrogation under the pretense of aiding a legal investigation.

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