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Chinese  Leader Claims Head at Davos- NewsFire Flame
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China is taking the place of the United States in a role that the incoming President doesn’t want to fulfill anymore.  This is Paul Gordon of NewsFire.TV.  That’s what we’ll be discussing in this NewsFire Flame.”

From The Telegraph:

China’s leader Xi Jinping swept into Davos as the champion of free trade and the unlikely guardian of the international order, throwing down the gauntlet to the incoming Trump administration with a theatrical flourish.
“No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war. Pursuing protectionism is just like locking one’s self in a dark room: wind and rain might be kept outside but so are light and air,” he told a delighted gathering of the world elites.
“Some people blame globalisation for chaos of our world, but our problems are not caused by globalisation. They are caused by war and conflict,” he said.
President Xi is the first Chinese leader to attend the World Economic Forum, the sanctum sanctorum of western liberal ideology, the spot where Europeans and Americans have long gathered to set the tone of global affairs.”

Opinion: Globalization, as in open markets, is one thing, but what China wants is not so much globalization as a continued managed economic advantage negotiated by American lobbyists working for the Chinese government and Chinese firms.  The New World Order of George Herbert Walker Bush is shaking in its international boots and I, for one, am just going to sit back and enjoy the show.  Or, to put it another way, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys and gals.

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