Chinese Woman Alters Face to Avoid Debt that Also Paid for Plastic Surgery

If you owe $3.71 million dollars in personal debt, what are you gonna do?  Are you going to declare bankruptcy?  No!  That would be too easy, and, besides, you will probably end up having to pay back a fair portion of it if you do.  Instead, you do what any sensible Chinese woman would do, you get your face changed so you don’t look like yourself.  How can they collect your debt if your face is no longer you? Part of that debt, by the way, was in paying for the surgery, so it appears she knew she was headed down this path right from the start.
You have heard of the expression, saving face, right?  Well, in this instance, the face was not saved, and, in the end, neither was she as she ended up getting caught, sadly.  All by herself she was both Thelma AND Louise, with her old face as one and her new face as another.  Thankfully, for her, she never made it to that cliff.

Chinese woman undergoes plastic surgery to evade $3.7 million debt: media

A 59-year old woman from the central Chinese city of Wuhan transformed her appearance through plastic surgery in order to avoid 25 million yuan ($3.71 million) in personal debts, state news agency Xinhua said.

In a case highlighting the challenges facing China as it tries to establish a ‘credit society’, police officers were reported to be “astonished” after apprehending the woman, who fled to the southeastern Chinese city of Shenzhen after a court in Wuhan ordered her to pay off her debt.

“We were very surprised at the scene,” Xinhua quoted a policeman as saying.
“She looked in her thirties and was different from the photos we had.”

The woman, identified as Zhu Najuan, also confessed to using other people’s identity cards to travel across the country by train. She financed her plastic surgery using borrowed bank cards, Xinhua said late on Friday.

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