Civilian Death Toll Mounts as Turks Continue Afrin Assault

Civilians killed by Turkish strikes as Erdogan vows to continue Afrin operation

At least 30 civilians killed in five days of clashes: monitor

Total casualties after five days of clashes in Afrin have risen to about 125, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

This includes at least 30 civilians, two killed by SDF shelling and 28 killed by Turkish artillery and shelling, the Observatory stated.

The conflict monitor estimated that at least 42 YPG and civil defence fighters had been killed and on the Turkish side at least 48 Syrian militias allied with Turkey, as well as casualties within the Turkish army.

The two sides each claim to have inflicted much greater casualties on the other.

Northeastern and western areas of Afrin are under intense bombardment on Wednesday, according to the Observatory, which noted that Turkish planes are a near constant presence in the skies over the Kurdish canton.

AFP reported more Turkish tanks and soldiers building up on the border, preparing to enter Syria as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan touted “successful” progress in the military operation in Afrin and vowed once again to continue to Manbij.

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