CNN Calls Clinton/Ukraine Collusion a “Red Herring”

While the MSM hyperventilates over the Trump Russia story that appears to have no smoking gun, they ignore the Clinton Ukraine story that is loaded with smoking guns, with one CNN analyst referring to the Clinton Ukraine story as a ‘red herring.’


Russia, Russia, Russia. We’re here to talk about Trump/Russia: get it? Don’t go distracting us with talk of the DNC working with Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump!

This morning on CNN, Alisyn Camerota and John Berman co-hosted a segment with Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign aide, and Dem consultant Hilary Rosen. Miller tried to raise this Politico story, which reported that Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary, meeting with a DNC consultant to research damaging information on Trump and his advisers.

Berman cautiously suggested that, even though the Russia and Trump situations weren’t “apples to apples,” the Ukrainian story could be fruit of another sort. Camerota cut him off: “Isn’t that a red herring? No pun intended.”



CNN’s Camerota Dismisses DNC/Ukraine Oppo Effort as “Red Herring”

Stick to the script: we’re here to talk Trump/Russia!

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