CO Gun Grabbers Brand All Bump Stock Owners as Being Mass Murderers

Using the typical tactic of fear, gun grabbers in Colorado are opting for the path to least resistence in perpetuating the myth of “common sense gun laws.”  They are working on their own bump stock ban legislation, arguing that the only reason you “need” a bump stock os so you can go out and kill a lot of people in a short period of time.

And thus, once again, they manage to brand anyone who possesses a bump stock as being a mass murderer just waiting for the opportunity to kill AND also working to perpetuate another anti-liberty myth, that unless you can show you NEED something, the government is free to ban you from possessing it.

Colorado considering a ban on bump stocks like the ones used in Las Vegas shooting

Colorado lawmakers are considering whether to ban bump stocks like the one used by a Las Vegas gunman in October to rain fire on a country music concert that killed 58 people and left hundreds injured.

The uphill legislative effort rekindles a heated debate about gun regulations in a state with a legacy of high-profile mass shootings and mirrors an effort in Denver to impose a local ban on the devices that allow semi-automatic rifles to mimic automatic weapons.

State Sen. Mike Merrifield, D-Colorado Springs, introduced a bill the first day of the 2018 session to make the sale, purchase or possession of a multi-burst trigger activator a Class 5 felony punishable by a one to three years in prison. The measure includes tougher penalties for subsequent violations and builds on current restrictions for firearm silencers and machine guns.

“Why would you need a bump stock unless you intended to kill as many people as fast as you could?” he said. “That should not be a partisan issue. Protecting the lives of Colorado citizens from insane mass killers should be something we should all be happy to join in.”

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