Coin Profile- Optitoken- The Anti-Deflationary Coin

‘Distributed Value’ – Is This The Perfect Cryptocurrency?

“Strategic scarcity,” “incubating demand” and “distributed value” – words tossed around since covering the guys at OptiToken, an automated tokenized portfolio they call “the first hyper deflationary cryptocurrency”. 

…..the project incorporates what they call “trading cycles.” These consist of completing trades at a profit amongst a basket of tokens a, group of carefully and strategically selected cryptocurrencies that will be bought by the token sale event scheduled for early 2018.

When profits are created, the proceeds are used to buy OptiToken directly on each exchange where $OPTI is listed. This first step induces upward price pressure and adds volume to the OPTI markets. The team refers to it as “incubating demand.”

To protect from those tokens re-entering the market as potential sell-pressure, the bulk of the tokens – a fixed percentage – are purposefully sent to an un-spendable address. This means the tokens will be destroyed but still viewable on any Ethereum block explorer. The remaining small amount, only a few percentage points of each cycle, is sent proportionally to token holders supporting the OptiToken technical infrastructure.

Founder Sean Donato says:

This project builds on distributed value, which is something mostly unique to cryptocurrency and not so much traditional fiat.

…..Opti is a truly unique token that has the ability and potential to actually sustain or grow in value during bear currency markets, as well as in bull ones. This project makes it possible for the value often created by some of the best traders in cryptocurrency to be distributed broadly to other cryptocurrency adopters should they choose to use OptiToken as one of their currencies of choice.

…..No monies should ever purposefully be manipulated to decrease in value. It’s not a conduit to economic growth but merely a macro measure of a shortage of goods. Central banks endanger the world’s economies more and more every few years, as they adopt more extreme standards of interest rate manipulation and brush it off as ‘casual.’

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